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  • Corporate Vision

    B&K is committed to profitable growth. We believe this will be achieved by conducting business in a manner which is:

    Corporate Vision

    Adds value to our customers, principles and to our associates by empowering every employee and encouraging them to act with purpose, B&K will maintain the culture of constant improvement required to attain our goals.

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  • Core Values

    Respect the individual regardless of position: All employees, customers and vendors are treated with the utmost respect. It is the belief of our company that all people deserve this level of respect.

    Win/win or mutually beneficial relationships should always be our long-term goal.

    Improve every day (strive for constant personal and professional improvement)

    Every challenge is an opportunity for (profitable) growth: If we are facing the challenge, our competition is most likely facing the same challenge. Embracing these challenges gives us a competitive advantage, mkes us a better company and gives us the tools to offer better service differentiating B&K to our customers.

    Empowerment: placing the right people in the right places with the best tools and development to do the job.

    Quality: in our products, in our service and in our people.

    Desirable Work Environment: B&K promotes and enjoyable, open and supportive working environment.

    Make B&K's success everyone's success: This value is based on our value of people and relationships. Success should never come at the cost of our vendors or employees. When we win, everyone benefits.


Employee Benefits

In addition to a variety of Medical, dental and vision plans, we also offer the following:

  • Life Insurance

    Your financial security could affect your loved ones as much as, or more than, it affects you.  Basic Life AD&D insurance offers more protection from life’s unforeseen risks, and the power to accomplish more.  B & K pays the full cost of this benefit.  Voluntary life is also available for the employee, spouse and children at an additional cost to the employee.

    Disability Insurance

    B & K provides full-time employees with long term disability coverage and also pays for the full cost of this benefit.  Benefits commence after 90 days of disability and will continue for up to your Social Security normal retirement age.

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  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    B & K understands that work/life balance is important and we want to help in any way we can.  Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week the EAP is designed to help employees and their families find answers and resolve personal problems.

    • • 24 hour access to the Clinical Referral Center
    • • Up to 4 in person sessions with a licensed EAP counselor
    • • All information is confidential
    • • Legal and financial referrals are also available.
    401k Plan

    Full time employees become eligible to enroll in the company’s 401(k) plan after the completion of three month of service.  We offer monthly entry date into the plan.