Rockview Whitepaper

20 Jun 2024 Whitepaper, Automation


After many years of neglect of the control system, because of its solid reliability, the facility had made the decision that the obsolete equipment needed to be replaced with modern, available parts to avoid a situation of not being able to procure a part in the event of a failure..

The replacement required a conversion and partial re-write of the PLC program in new software. After converting and partially re-writing, a validation needed to be done to ensure total functionality.


B&K was asked to design, program, and install the first set of PLC’s that replaced the legacy equipment.


Recognizing the essential quality standards that must be upheld alongside Rockview’s constraints, B&K’s engineers conscientiously focused on enhancing the system without any disruption.


The initial upgrade of the plant was completed successfully with minimal disruption, establishing a new standard for future updates.